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Latino Daily News

Tuesday August 10, 2010

Some Colleges and Universities Do Better Than Others in Graduating Hispanic Students

There are colleges and universities that are serving Hispanic college students better than others, as evidenced by small or nonexistent graduation-rate gaps between Hispanic and white students.  The Education Trust noted that private institutions graduate higher proportions of Hispanic students on average than public universities.  The top five private universities serving Hispanic students by that standard are:  Woodbury University (CA), University of St. Thomas (TX), University of San Francisco (CA), Biola University (CA) and the University of Miami (FL).

Sixty-two percent of Woodbury University’s large Hispanic student population graduate while other Universities noted by the Education Trust have low Hispanic student populations but high graduation rates as is the case with Duke University, Pepperdine and the University of Notre Dame amongst others.  For a complete lists visit the HSN Library.

Rising college graduation rates amongst Hispanic students is critical for the future of the U.S.  Poised by 2050 to constitute nearly one-third of the workforce, Latinos currently are the least prepared educationally to contribute to and benefit from the rapidly changing and demanding economy. Only 13 percent of young adult Latinos hold bachelor’s degrees, compared with 39 percent of whites, and 21 percent of African-Americans..


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