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Latino Daily News

Sunday April 8, 2012

Sofia Vergara on Saturday Night Live (VIDEO)

Sofia Vergara on Saturday Night Live  (VIDEO)

Photo: Sofia Vergara on SNL

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Sofia Vergara, kicked off her hosting stint on Saturday Night Live last night with a “La Nocha de Saturday en Vivo” salute and interesting tidbits of how easy her immigrant experience was thanks to all the men buying her drinks and welcoming her to America with pulled down pants. 

The Colombian beauty was there to amuse and boy band sensation One Direction was there to entertain the younger set.

She participated in numerous skits and one of the funnier was her stint as a Sex Ed Teacher drawing her vagina and talking about ‘pub’ erty featuring the quirky Gilly (Kristen Wiig) character.  She also played Fran Drescher in Bein’ Quirky with Zoey Deschanel playing a loud Jewish woman which interestingly is very close to being a loud Colombian woman. 

Viewers were also treated to the myriad of products Vergara is endorsing, watching commercials for Cover Girl, Pepsi and her Kmart line during breaks.  The final skit even mocked her over exposure with her prepping for a Pantene commercial with a faux Penelope Cruz. 

Vergara really appeared to have enjoyed herself playing the sexy Latina over and over again from Maria Gutierrez reporting on the Hunger Games to the sex crazed Yolanda on the Manuel Ortiz show. 

At the end she gave a smile-filled ‘Buenas Noches Colombia’ sign-off to the viewers.