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Tuesday February 15, 2011

Soccer Legend Ronaldo Retires with a Tearful Goodbye (VIDEO)

Soccer Legend Ronaldo Retires with a Tearful Goodbye (VIDEO)

Photo: Ronaldo Retires

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Soccer legend Ronaldo retires.  “I came today to say that I’m closing my career as a professional player. It was a beautiful career, wonderful, exciting. I had many defeats, many victories. I made many friends and I don’t remember making any enemies.” said Ronaldo, his voice cracking at a press release in Sao Paulo.

Ronaldo had a remarkable career; two world cup titles and a “game” that earned him the title, ‘The Phenom.’

“It’s very hard to abandon something that made me so happy, that I loved so much, and that I wanted to continue, because psychologically I really want to. But I have to assume some of my defeats. I lost for my body,” said the striker, who has been braced by every player and coach he’s ever met.

The player spoke from the heart and teared up as he talked about why he chose to retire.

“Everybody knows my history with injuries. From one leg to the other, from one muscle to the other… these ailments force me to anticipate the end of my career. I wanted to explain this the last day of my career,” said the star, chosen world best soccer player by the FIFA on three occasions.

The striker added that the physical problems caused by a hypothyroidism, diagnosed four years ago and which he always hid, had a lot of weight in his decision. “Four years ago, when I played for the Milan, I discovered that I suffered from hypothyroidism, a condition that decelerates the metabolism and the only way to control is to take hormones, which are prohibited in soccer.”

Refusing treatment had a heavy impact on the weight of the player. “Many must regret now to have poked fun at my weight, but I don’t keep hard feelings,” said the former player for clubs such as Barcelona, Real Madrid, Internacional, and Milan.

Ronaldo thanked every club in Brazil and in Europe, where he played, as well as the coaches, the players that stood beside him, and every rival that he ever met. “I gave it a lot of thought in my home, and I decided that I could not wait anymore, and that I had given as much sacrifice as I could. Ever since Thursday when I decided, I felt like I was in an ICU, and now with this announcement, I feel like it was my first death,” he said.