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Latino Daily News

Monday December 12, 2011

Snow in México City? Yes! In ‘Villa Nevada’

Snow in México City? Yes! In ‘Villa Nevada’

Photo: Zócalo Plaza in México City

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For the fifth holiday season in a row, the Zócalo Plaza in México City will dress-up in white through the holiday season to welcome ice skaters and snowmen builders of all ages!

City officials estimate that between 3 and 4 million people will visit the Mexican capital this December and approximately 200,000 people will visit “Villa Nevada”  to ice-skate and be a part of the holiday fun.

The city installed a 164ft Christmas tree in the plaza, and under it, a massive ice skating rink.  Mexican company Real Snow Productions has installed a number of tents where visitors can participate in snow-related activities, such as building snowmen, and having a snow-ball fight.

Villa Nevada will also host a series of musical holiday shows like the “Santa Claus and the Elves” and the “Three Wise Men Show” after Christmas.