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Latino Daily News

Wednesday October 27, 2010

Six Grenades and 1,000 Bullets Later Entire Mexican Town’s Police Force Quits

The 14-man police force of the tiny town of Los Ramones was celebrating their new police headquarters when they were met with a hale of gunfire and tossed grenades, Monday night.  Incredibly no one was reported injured but everyone was beyond startled and frightened. 

The entire police force shortly thereafter quit in unison yesterday, leaving Los Ramones in the state of Nuevo Leon, Mexico without any law enforcement.  This was the second such attack on a Nuevo Leon police force.  Last week two grenades were thrown at the police station in Sabinas Hidalgo.

The attack lasted no more than 20 minutes and did not come completely as a surprise.  Police officers had observed some suspicious surveillance of the building earlier in the week and had lined up their patrol vehicles to act as a barricade, just in case.