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Latino Daily News

Saturday January 21, 2012

Singer Reinaldo Alvarez Sees Ballads in his Future and Moves to Miami

Singer Reinaldo Alvarez Sees Ballads in his Future and Moves to Miami

Photo: Reinaldo Alvarez

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Venezuelan singer-songwriter Reinaldo Alvarez is seeking a spot in the romantic ballad category with his disc “Conexiones,” a hit in his own country and now being promoted in the United States.

To get the word out, next week the artist will launch on U.S. radio the single “Te Quiero de Veras” (I Love You Truly), which, Alvarez told Efe at his home in Miami, “is a great ballad” because it respects the concept of the genre.

“It has a lot of emotion, a lot of romanticism. It’s a story about a couple of friends who, somehow, when I started thinking about them, I saw the complete scene of a movie,” the 31-year-old singer said.

With “Conexiones,” his second album, Alvarez decided to stay in the United States, where opportunities are unfolding to expand his musical career.

For the fourth time, for example, a song of his has made it onto a telenovela, the number “Libres Como el Viento” (Free as the Wind) for the Telemundo production “Mi Corazon Insiste” (My Heart Insists).

Alvarez began singing in public at the age of 3, but won fame in Venezuela in the television contest “Fama, Sudor y Lagrimas” (Fame, Sweat and Tears).

Following that success he recorded his first disc, “No Soy el Unico” (I’m Not the Only One) in 2008. Such was its impact that it got a double platinum disc and his compositions provided the soundtracks for a number of telenovelas.