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Latino Daily News

Monday November 8, 2010

Singer Luis Miguel Can’t Stand Shakira. See Why and Tell us What you Think.

Colombian singer Shakira, and Mexican legend Luis Miguel are no longer on speaking terms.

According to the “Vida de Celebridad” blog, following a call by Luis Miguel a few months back, both singers agreed to an eventual meeting to talk about a possible songwriting collaboration, and perhaps a duet featuring both artists.

Apparently, the meeting never happened, and Shakira’s management team declined the offer, even suggesting she was seeking a more profitable duet partner, such as Robbie Williams, or Justin Timberlake.

“Vida de Celebridad” says Luis Miguel got disenchanted and upset by the impasse, and seethes to even the mentioning of Shakira’s name. “He is extremely irritated with her attitude. He found her discourteous and unprofessional.” Sources close to the artist said.