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Latino Daily News

Friday May 4, 2012

Singer Juan Gabriel’s Reported Grandson Dies in El Paso County Jail

Singer Juan Gabriel’s Reported Grandson Dies in El Paso County Jail

Photo: Singer Juan Gabriel's Grandson Dies in El Paso County Jail

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The reported grandson of Mexican singer Juan Gabriel is dead after being booked into the El Paso County Jail.

Detectives with Sheriff Richard Weiss’ office say preliminary reports indicate 23-year-old Hector Alberto Aguilera died of an accidental overdose, but additional criminal investigators are looking to ensure no foul play was involved.

Sheriff Weiss told El Paso Times, “There was no indication of any assault,” Wiles said. “No marks or bruises on the body to indicate an assault. There is preliminary information that it is an accidental overdose. It’s really an unfortunate incident.”

Aguilera, who has a history of drug arrests, was arrested by a drug court officer after he reportedly violated his probation by being in possession of drugs. Not long after midnight Sunday morning, he was booked into jail and checked by a nurse.

Less than 4 hours later, Sheriff Weiss says he was found unresponsive with foam coming from his mouth. Rescuers performed CPR, and Aguilera was taken to a hospital. Sometimes after, to give his family the opportunity to see him without restriction, Aguilera was officially released from jail.

He died at the hospital Tuesday and the official cause of death is awaiting the results of an autopsy.