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Latino Daily News

Monday June 13, 2011

Silvio Horta Signs Deal With Sony Pictures Television

Silvio Horta Signs Deal With Sony Pictures Television

Photo: Cuban-American producer Silvio Horta

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The “Ugly Betty” Executive Producer is already developing a new TV show about a Latino Family in Miami.

Following a short break after his 4 season-long adaptation of the Colombian production “Yo soy Betty La Fea,” Horta has decided to “work with a place that was independent like Sony” during the upcoming development and pre-production season; “it seemed to be the right fit, ” he said. 

The new project still has no name, but it is a “dramedy” about the interweaving love lives of four Cuban sisters living in Miami; Sony and Fox are negotiating the details.

If the project goes forward, J-lo could become an executive producer through her Nuyorican Productions.