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Latino Daily News

Friday February 11, 2011

Silcon Valley Tech Companies Asked to Hire More Minorities

Silcon Valley Tech Companies Asked to Hire More Minorities

Photo: Hispanics in high tech jobs

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In Silicon Valley, high tech firms like Google are being accused of not hiring enough minorities.

Three non-profit groups protested Google because they would not share a breakdown of their employment records to determine the percentage of minorities that currently work there.

Faith Bautista from the National Asian American Coalition said, “The only way we can solve the problem is finding out what is your employment, what is your diversity? Then we can figure out are you really doing the right job? Are you really serving the community?”

Of the 34 companies asked to provide a breakdown of their workforces, 12 responded. The numbers indicate that at companies like Cisco, eBay, and Intel, only three percent of workers are African-American, though they make up 7 percent of California’s population. Making up 4 percent of the workers are Latinos who are 38 percent of California’s population. Asians are reportedly about 50 percent of the Silicon Valley high tech workforce, and only 20 percent of the Bay Area’s population.

CEO of Metricstream in Palo Alto, Shellye Archambeau said Silicon Valley leaders need to be pushed to diversify their workforce and recruitment.

“We are leaders in so many ways, but it’s just disappointing that when it comes to harnessing the knowledge, the skills, the creativity that comes from a broad base of people that we’re not leaders when it comes to building diverse teams.”

A representative for Google said, “...a diversity of perspectives, ideas and cultures means better products for our users. That’s why we have an inclusive work environment and constantly promote diversity at Google.”