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Latino Daily News

Thursday October 27, 2011

Sign Voto Latino’s Petition to Stop Alabama’s HB56

Sign Voto Latino’s Petition to Stop Alabama’s HB56

Photo: Voto Latino Petition Against HB56

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Here is your opportunity to make a difference - sign Voto Latino’s petition to Stop Alabama’s HB56. 

Voto Latino is vocalizing that the new Alabama law is tearing families apart and hurting local economies.  The petition is also meant to support Alabama Senator Beasley’s efforts to repeal this anti-immigrant law. 

According to Voto Latino:

Latino children in one school were singled out, taken to a cafeteria and questioned on their legal status. Crime victims are afraid to contact the police. Cities are cutting off water service to people they suspect of being undocumented. Farmers are losing millions of dollars from unpicked crops. These are just some of the many horror stories trickling out of Alabama in the past two weeks after a judge upheld most of Alabama’s anti-immigrant law HB56.This law in Alabama is not reflective of our country’s values. Alabama State Sen. Bill Beasley has seen first hand the damage HB56 has caused to his state and introduced a bill to repeal the law he described as “mean spirited.”We can stand up to hate. Sign our petition and tell Sen. Beasley we support his efforts to repeal the law and make Alabama a more inclusive, welcoming state.

Click here to sign.