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Latino Daily News

Monday September 27, 2010

¡Si Hablo Español!– Rubio Debuts First Spanish Ads (VIDEO)

Cuban-American and Florida Senate Republican candidate Marco Rubio is reminding the voters he too speaks Spanish and is the son of Cuban-born parents with his first Spanish language ads.  The 30-second ads premiering today are geared for the heavy Latino districts and the large Cuban-American population in Miami.

Rubio is currently the front runner in the three-way senatorial race between independent Governor Charlie Crist and Democrat Kenrick Meek.  His biggest draw seems to be with the Latino voter where he has three-quarters of the vote versus Democratic Meek with 11 percent of their vote; and this is possibly why he chose not to directly speak out to Spanish speaking Hispanics until now.

Rubio spokesman Alex Burgos, explained the late entry of the Spanish speaking ads this way, “[Marco] has relentlessly focused on what he sees as the top issue in the Hispanic community: economic empowerment and how Washington’s current agenda threatens the free enterprise system that enables parents to work hard and leave their children with a better future.”

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