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Latino Daily News

Wednesday September 8, 2010

UPDATE: Bodies of Investigators Found in Tamaulipas Mexico

UPDATE: Prosecutor Roberto Suarez Vazquez and Juan Carlos Suarez Sanchez, a top security official, disappeared the day after they began the investigation into the deaths of 72 migrants in Tamaulipas. Two bodies have been located northeast of San Fernando. Documents on the bodies matched those of the missing investigators but DNA tests have also been ordered to confirm identities.

ORIGINAL: In a shocking turn of events, the lead detective investigating the homicides of 72 Central American migrants found in a ranch out of Tamauplias is now missing.  Robert Suarez and a local police officer working with him are both missing as of Thursday though no one from the Mexican government is confirming or denying this.  Mr. Suarez was the first on the gruesome scene discovered Tuesday, when a now identified wounded Ecuadorian national lead police to the scene.

Upon investigation Mr. Suarez and other detectives found 58 men and 14 women all from South America that had been executed.  The wife of Suarez, Norma Nelly Aguilar, is confirming her husband is missing and fears the worse, “I can only assume that those who abducted by husband are connected to organized crime in this region.” 

Mexican authorities believe members of Los Zetas drug cartel carried out the executions.