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Latino Daily News

Friday July 30, 2010

Sherriff Joe Proves- No Rest for the Wicked

Sheriff Joe Arpaio launched his 17th “crime suppression” sweep in Maricopa County vowing to have his deputies and volunteers check the immigration status of those arrested. Arpaio admits he timed his operation to send a message that nothing is changing despite US District Judge Bolton’s ruling.

Joe Arpaio is currently being investigated by the Department of Justice for possible civil rights violations.  Arpaio has long been criticized for what many say is a practice of arresting people on minor infractions as a ruse to check their immigration status and ultimately process them for deportation.

‘Joe Arpaio has shown a disregard for basic constitutional protections,’ said Chris Newman, legal director for the National Day Laborers Organizing Network, who traveled from Los Angeles to Phoenix this week. ‘People in Maricopa County have grown accustomed to defending themselves from his so-called crime suppression sweeps.’