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Latino Daily News

Monday August 23, 2010

Shakira Shakin’ Up Spain and Getting in Trouble for It (VIDEO)

Clearly Spanish officials are not as crazy as everyone is of the fun-loving, free-spirited Shakira.  The singer was in Spain preparing for her upcoming ‘Sale El Sol’ tour (mid-September) and album release (early November).  She was shooting a video in Barcelona and decided to dance in a public fountain and invite locals to join her.  If that didn’t get the attention of Spanish officials her barely there outfits did since they disrupted traffic in the congested city.

Spanish officials are considering whether to fine the sexy songstress or kindly ask her not to return.  Officials are investigating if Shakira obtained all the necessary permits to sing and dance on their streets and fountains and film her video.  HS-News fave part is when Shakira is dancing in the fountain oblivious to all the males chanting “kiss me” “kiss me” while listening to a radio where no music is heard coming out, she-wolf Shakira definitely dances to her own music even if its only in her head.


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