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Latino Daily News

Thursday February 3, 2011

Shakira: New Year, New House, New Video, New Doc, New… Boyfriend? (VIDEO)

The Colombian artist Shakira and futboler Gerard Piqué say they’re just friends. But everybody else thinks otherwise.

It’s a whole new year for Shakira, and despite their best efforts to cover it up, she and Barça defense man Piqué share even the same birthday. The singer turned 34 on Wednesday, while Piqué turned 24.

And what a better way to celebrate your birthday than to treat yourself to a new house, that’s much closer to your (rumored) lover?

David Meca said he has rented his home in Barcelona to Shakira for at least a year since he moved to Madrid. When asked if he knew wether the lease had also been signed by a certain Barça defense man, Meca grinned and answered “you guys are evil.”

Shakira’s new humble abode has well over ten thousand square feet, and has a gym and outdoor pool. The huge house used to be a convent, where 50 nuns lived back in the day before Meca purchased it and turned it into his home in Barcelona.  The property encompasses several green areas around it, loaded with minimalistic gardens and a thousand palm trees.

A fresh start in a new home, is what Shakira seems to be after, following her break up from Antonio de la Rua, her companion of 9 years. The couple had purchased together (and now are dividing) properties in New York, Barranquilla (Colombia), Punta del Este (Uruguay), Capri Island (Italy), Dominican Republic, Miami and an Island in Bahamas. 

The Colombian Pop Star also released her new single “Sale el Sol” at the same time than a documentary from her “Pies Descalzos” foundation called “Hagámos que slaga el sol” (Let’s make the sun come out) which shows the precarious lives of children victims of violence in Colombia.



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