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Latino Daily News

Thursday February 17, 2011

Shakira: Honored at Harvard, Lampooned in Spain (VIDEO)

The Colombian singer, on February 26th, will receive the most prestigious award given by Harvard university to a singer: “Artist of the Year”.  The Harvard foundation will award a medal to the Waka-Waka star, for her talent as a singer-songwriter, as well as her humanitarian efforts.

In the meantime, the renowned Spanish sports magazine “Marca” hung an animated feature on their site, lampooning the alleged relationship between Shakira and Barça defense Gerard Piqué. The short, which is a part of a series called “Marcatoons” shows the couple in a bedroom, where the Colombian singer asks the soccer player to dance the choreography to “Loca.”  The Piqué cartoon agrees reluctantly, and shakes a silly groove for Shakira, who enchanted, begs her alleged boyfriend to repeat the dance number whenever he scores a goal.

Clearly Shakira is on everyone’s mind no matter what part of the world you are from.

Watch the whole video below: