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Latino Daily News

Wednesday March 2, 2011

Shakira Honored at Harvard University (VIDEO)

Shakira Honored at Harvard University (VIDEO)

Photo: Shakira Honored at Harvard University

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The singer from Barranquilla, Colombia, received an award on Saturday from the Harvard Foundation (the university’s center for intercultural arts and science initiatives) for her artistic and humanitarian work.

During her speech, Shakira said some U.S. states’ proposed anti-immigrant legislation goes against her foundation’s efforts to facilitate education to people of humble and poor beginnings around the world.
“Justice will come, I’m sure” Shakira said after the award ceremony. “Wherever there is ... a kid, who could be the son or the daughter of a Latino immigrant, who cannot attend a school in the United States of America, that kid should be a concern to all of us and our responsibility.”

Shakira said she was humbled by the award and the student performances at the ceremony. “As I entered the premises today, I had to call my mom and say, ‘Hey mom. Guess what? I got into Harvard’,” said Shakira.

Shakira founded her “Pies Descalzos” Foundation at the age of 18, with the commitment of providing education and improve the nutrition standards of children in impoverished areas of Colombia. The singer is also a Unicef Goodwill Ambassador.

Watch her acceptance speech below.