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Latino Daily News

Tuesday January 11, 2011

Shakira and Boyfriend of 11 Years Antonio de la Rua Break Up

Spanish newspaper El Pais broke the news just a few hours before the Colombian singer published the following statement on her twitter page:

“During almost 11 years together, we have loved each other deeply. We have cared for one another and have supported each other. These have been the most wonderful years of our lives, and because of that love, and respect that we have for one another, we have been an exceptional couple.”

“Nonetheless, in August of 2010, we decided to give some time to our sentimental relationship. Through these months we have kept working together, we have kept close, and guarded details with outmost privacy.”

“We see this time apart as temporary and as a time for individual growth, while we continue to be partners and associates in our professional lives.”

The artist went on explaining that her now ex-boyfriend will continue to be her manager, and informs that neither de la Rua, or her will be granting any interviews on this personal matter..

It had been some time now since rumors had been circulating that the Colombian singer and her boyfriend were going through rough times.  There were rumors last year of a supposed night of passion between Shakira and Barça star Gerard Piqué, who was in the singer’s video for the song Waka-Waka, and before that, there were talks of a romance between the singer and Rafael Nasal, who was in her “Gypsy” video.

The singer denied these rumors back in December.