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Latino Daily News

Saturday September 29, 2012

Severe Rains in Southern Spain Take 3 Lives

Severe Rains in Southern Spain Take 3 Lives

Photo: Heavy rains in Spain

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A 6-year-old girl and an elderly man died Friday in the southern municipality of Puerto Lumbreras as a result of heavy rains battering much of southern Spain, bringing to three the number of fatalities blamed on the storm.

The exact circumstances of the deaths in Puerto Lumbreras remain unclear, sources in the Murcia regional government said.

Officials in the neighboring region of Andalusia said earlier that a woman was killed in the town of Alora, where a dozen other people, including her husband, had to be rescued from rising waters.

Around 5,000 people were evacuated Friday from homes in the province of Malaga, the Andalusia regional government said.

Some communities are entirely cut off and people in Archidona had to be plucked off rooftops by helicopter as the current was too strong to allow the use of boats.

“I hunkered down in my house and I’ve seen how my car went downstream amid animals and other cars,” Jose Lopez, a resident of Villanueva del Rosario, one of the worst affected towns, told Efe.

More rain was expected in Malaga and the neighboring provinces of Granada, Seville, Almeria and Cordoba.

Power is out in some areas and the accumulation of water on the tracks interrupted rail service within the region and between Andalusia and the rest of Spain.

Two bridges collapsed and stretches of highway are also blocked by floodwaters.