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Latino Daily News

Tuesday April 8, 2014

Senior Media Executive Kidnapped in Venezuela

A senior news executive with Venezuela’s Globovision television was kidnapped outside her home in Caracas, the network said Monday.

Nairobi Pinto was abducted Sunday by two masked assailants who grabbed her as she left her residence, Globovision said.

“How do you feel when you don’t know where your daughter is? What is happening to your daughter? I’m tied up hand and foot,” the captive’s father, journalist Luis Pinto, said in comments to Globovision.

Globovision said on its website that its executives accompanied the journalist’s family “in the process of contacting security forces, who are looking into the case,” and called on the kidnappers to free her.

“This television studio urges responsibility in the use of social networks, so as not to impede the work of the authorities and put our workmate’s life in danger,” it said.

Luis Pinto expressed confidence in the steps being taken by the authorities and asked the kidnappers to weigh “the action they’re committing” and “to have the common sense” to return his daughter.


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