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Latino Daily News

Sunday July 10, 2011

The National Tequila Party Movement Upset with Senator Rubio & His Stance Against the DREAM Act

The National Tequila Party Movement Upset with Senator Rubio & His Stance Against the DREAM Act

Photo: Sen. Marco Rubio Votes Against DREAM Act

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The National Tequila Party Movement, a non-partisan movement seeking to get the Latino vote out, is pissed at the junior Republican Senator from Florida who happens to be Cuban-American.  They recently issued a statement to Marco Rubio regarding the Senator’s wanting no new taxes but rather tax payers.  The National Tequila Party movement feels that Rubio’s vote against the DREAM Act last fall stands in direct opposition to a call for new tax payers.

It reads as follows: 

Recently Tea Partier and Junior Senator Marco Rubio stated that we don’t need new taxes but new taxpayers. However, when the opportunity presented itself for new taxpayers to come into the fold via the DREAM Act, Senator Marco Rubio quashed it. We have the new taxpayers, but he doesn’t want them.  He stated multiple times he was against the DREAM Act and chooses to punish children for the sins of their father.

Marco Rubio’s tax complaints come with no reasonable and sound solutions to offer in return.  If he wants new taxpayers but no new taxes, then he ought to support the DREAM Act that will in essence create new taxpayers into our system. According to the CATO Institute, introducing a legal immigration reform plan would contribute billions towards tax revenues and/or boost incomes across the U.S.

Tea Partiers advocated the complete shutting down of our government, and with Rubio’s policies, he is taking us on that same destructive path again.  If we cannot come to a bipartisan solution via legal immigration reform to acquire new taxpayers, then Tea Partiers will have no choice but to increase taxes or cut entitlement programs like social security.  Which will they choose?