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Latino Daily News

Thursday August 5, 2010

Senate Rep Leader Mitch McConnell Today Defended the Idea of Holding Hearings on 14th Amendment

Mitch McConnell referred Thursday to what ‘seems to be a burgeoning and unseemly business’ of flying illegal immigrants to the US to give birth to a child, who would be a US citizen under the 14th Amendment.

The Republican leader of the Senate said, “I don’t think having hearings on an obvious unseemly business is a threat to the 14th Amendment. What is wrong with looking into this? The Post did it. And I think what I hear my members saying is, why don’t we have some hearings and see what we can find out about what seems to be a burgeoning and unseemly business in many foreign countries?”

The Washington Post column by Michael Gerson the former chief speechwriter for President George W. Bush. Mr. Gerson wrote, “revoking birthright citizenship would turn hundreds of thousands of infants into ‘criminals’ – arriving, not across a border, but crying in a hospital. A whole class of people would grow up knowing they are hunted aliens, through no fault of their own. This cannot be called the rule of law. It would be viciousness and prejudice on a grand scale.”


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