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Latino Daily News

Tuesday February 7, 2012

Sen. Rubio Takes on Pres. Obama in Contraception Fight

Sen. Rubio Takes on Pres. Obama in Contraception Fight

Photo: Sen. Rubio Takes on Pres. Obama in Contraception Fight

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Florida Senator Marco Rubio has become the latest to challenge the part of President Obama’s health care law which laid out new rules for insurance providers.

The new rules state that insurers must provide birth control coverage without co-pays. However, the Cuban-American senator, who called the Obama administration “overbearing” and “obsessed with forcing mandates on the American people,” filed legislation that would repeal the birth control mandate.

Rubio has said this mandate is just another attack by the Obama administration in the so-called “war on religion.”

Though the birth control mandate does not apply to churches, it does apply to church-run schools and universities, as well as hospitals and charities.

In response last week, the Republican senator told CBS4, ‘I don’t think the government should be forcing any institution to pay for something that institution finds to violate their conscience.’

In Friday’s New York Post, Sen. Rubio defended his legislation, saying, ‘From a practical standpoint, this will force Catholic organizations to make an unacceptable choice: Ignore a major tenet of their faith, or not provide any insurance to their employees and be punished with a federal fine for violating ObamaCare’s mandate on employers. As Americans, we should all be appalled by an activist government so overbearing and so obsessed with forcing mandates on the American people that it forces such a choice on religious institutions.”

He also states, “Religious freedom is a core American principle, one that our Founding Fathers enshrined in the Constitution and called on future generations of leaders to preserve and protect.”

The repeal legislation Sen. Rubio has introduced is called the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 2012. He describes it as
“a bill to establish a firm religious exemption to this insurance requirement under Obamacare.”