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Latino Daily News

Wednesday August 10, 2011

(R) Sen. Orrin Hatch Ditches DREAMer’s at Campaign Office & Calls Police on Them

(R) Sen. Orrin Hatch Ditches DREAMer’s at Campaign Office & Calls Police on Them

Photo: DREAM Act Students

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The Republican senior Senator from Utah was hosting an ‘open’ house at one of his campaign offices that apparently wasn’t that open and friendly to DREAM Act students that showed up.

Several DREAMer came with the hope of meeting with the Senator and discussing the DREAM Act and reminding him that 10 years ago this month he sponsored the original Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors, in the Senate.

Not only did the Republican Senator not meet and greet with the dozen or so students he had an aid divert their attention so he could slip out of the open house.  To add insult to injury staffers called police on the students, in spite of their being no protests or acts of civil disobedience. 

Campaign Manager Dave Hansen apologized for the three patrol cars and 6 or so officers posted inside the campaign office.  He didn’t apologize for calling them but rather that so many showed up.  The police did confiscate the cupcakes the DREAMer’s brought with them to commemorate the DREAM Act anniversary.

Hatch was an original supporter of a bill to help certain undocumented students gain legal status through school enrollment or military service, even going as far to urge that these very students not be deported.  Now he is adamantly opposed to its passage.