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Latino Daily News

Thursday February 24, 2011

Self-Described Tequila Party of Nevada Founder Running for Las Vegas Mayor

Self-Described Tequila Party of Nevada Founder Running for Las Vegas Mayor

Photo: George Harris

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Running for Las Vegas mayor is the self-named leader of the Tequila Party of Nevada, a Hispanic political party whose members, just like the Tea Party, has broken away from their original party affiliations. Some however, are questioning whether his run is only to help his bar’s business.

“I’m a self-promoter,” said George Harris, founder of Alien Tequila Spirits Co., an upscale downtown Las Vegas Mexican restaurant, and the man that claims to also be the founder of Nevada’s Tequila Party. “I’m promoting my restaurant. I’m promoting my tequila. If I’m doing a good job, just think about what I am going to do with the city of Las Vegas.”

It has become hard to separate Harris’ political and business interests, especially after his mayoral candidacy kick-off party – held at his restaurant—saw “Mayor George” t-shirts, a Mariachi band, plenty of bottles of his tequila, Mexican finger foods, but really, no sign of the Tequila Party.

But what’s relatively surprising is the fact that, since filing the paperwork for the creation of the Tequila Party, there have been no political protests in opposition.

And while critics claim Harris is not the originator of the Tequila Party, his friends don’t argue, but say he “made it real.”

Harris, who speaks very little Spanish, is a former GOP chairman and state GOP finance chairman, said he has tried for years to get Hispanic involved in politics, but to no avail.

“He says he wants to heal the nation’s immigration wounds and promote Mexican culture. And if he happens to move some tequila or get bodies into his restaurant in the meantime, so be it,” wrote the Associated Press.