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Latino Daily News

Saturday November 19, 2011

Selena Gomez’s Stalker Walks- Case Dismissed

Selena Gomez’s Stalker Walks- Case Dismissed

Photo: Selena Gomez

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The man who infamously stalked Selena Gomez and frightened her to the point of filing for a restraining order against him was dismissed and not charged during his hearing.

According to Yahoo! OMG!, Thomas Brodnicki was accused of stalking Gomez between the months of July and October.

The singer filed a restraining order against Brodnicki that required him to remain at least 100 yards from her. A hearing scheduled for November 23 will determine whether or not this restraining order will stay in place for the next three years.

While LAPD detectives believed Brodnicki to be a “credible threat” to Gomez, Celebrity News & Style reported that the judge said there was not sufficient evidence that Brodnicki intended to convey these threats to Selena or harm her.

Even Brodnicki’s lawyer knew how lucky his client was with the judge’s decision.

“Get the f—- out while you can,” he offered as words of advice for Brodnicki.

Selena Gomez was not present at the case and has not yet released a comment regarding the court’s decision. However, the LAPD is still intent on putting evidence together that will show Brodnicki intended to harm the singer so that the man will be put away.