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Latino Daily News

Thursday April 26, 2012

Secretly Married Miss Dominican Republic Booted Out and Dethroned

Secretly Married Miss Dominican Republic Booted Out and Dethroned

Photo: Miss Dominican Republic dethroned

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Latin America takes their beauty and beauty pageants very seriously, what with six Miss Universe’s coming from Latin America over the last ten years. 

That is why 25-year-old Carlina Duran was booted and dethroned as Miss Dominican Republic when it was discovered she was married.

Ms. Duran has been married since 2009 and never bothered to tell pageant authorities, something that would of automatically disqualified her.  She will now go in the record books as having the shortest reign as Miss Dominican Republic – eight days.

Ms. Duran excused her lapse of memory to Dominican pageant officials by saying she never consummated the married (TMI) and the couple never lived together.  She went on to say she was in the process of having the marriage annulled.

“In my daily life, I remained like a single woman, without thinking of myself neither materially nor spiritually married,” said a statement read by her lawyer, Radhames Cornielle to Fox News.

Amelia Vega was the last Miss Universe winner from the Dominican Republic back in 2003.