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Latino Daily News

Monday January 3, 2011

Second Lady of Brazil, First Lady of the Paparazzo

During Dilma Rouseff’s swearing in as the new president of Brazil, another woman stole the attention of the cameras, and became the third-most-commented-upon subject on the online social networks.

That woman is Marcela Temer, the 27 year old former model and beauty queen and current wife of vice president Michel Temer, 43 years her senior.

The blonde stunner and law school graduate met her husband seven years ago, when she asked him for a photograph at an event in rural Sao Paulo, and he asked for her phone number in return.

“Age doesn’t matter,” said Marcela about their relationship.  “It’s as though Michel was 30 years old. It’s funny to say, but it’s true….We have the life of any normal couple.” she added.

The couple also has a young son.

“Women can show that they can perform very well as housewives, mothers, doctors, lawyers and presidents. Lula’s government is really excellent and Dilma will give continuity and will improve the country even more. I am certain that Michel and Dilma together are going to help with that improvement. As ... the wife of the vice president, I want to contribute much more to helping our country,” Marcela said, adding that she plans to take the bar exam and would take on some kind of charity work “if there’s demand for it.”