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Latino Daily News

Monday April 9, 2012

Search Continues for Missing Florida Mother, Vilet Torrez, 38

Search Continues for Missing Florida Mother, Vilet Torrez, 38

Photo: Search Continues for Missing Florida Mother, Vilet Torrez, 38

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A friend of missing Miramar, Florida woman Vilet Torrez says she fears the worst because the mother of three would never have left her children.

The 38-year-old mother went missing on March 30 after having dinner with a friend. She was last seen at around 11 p.m. that night. Family and friends realized something was wrong after discovering she had not shown up to work all weekend or Monday.

Her friend Clarissa Garcia recently told NBCMiami, ‘ Each minute and each hour and each day goes by you, you hold on to some hope, but we see these stories all the time and your hope becomes less and less that she might be with us, and I’m thinking this is probably a tragic outcome.’

Police have reportedly spoken with Torrez’s estranged husband Cid. Though he admits they had a less than perfect relationship, Cid told police that “when it comes to the kids – she’s great mother.” Adding, “My kids need their mother.”

Despite his claims that he is fine and fit to take care of his children while the search for his estranged wife continues, the children were taken from his custody.

On Thursday night, a member of Vilet’s family called the Florida Abuse Hotline after Cid allegedly threatened to get a gun to “end it all.”

The children, Vilet, 12, Cid Jr., 7, and Marcus, 4, are now with Vilet’s mother and the search for her continues.

Vilet Patricia Torrez is 5’3, weighs between 125 and 130 pounds, has black hair and brown eyes.


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