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Latino Daily News

Wednesday August 1, 2012

‘Sea Hag’ Kills Neighbor for Refusing Her a Can of Beer

‘Sea Hag’ Kills Neighbor for Refusing Her a Can of Beer

Photo: Carolyn Dukeshire, Sea Hag, Kills Neighbor for Beer

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A Florida Keys local known to her neighbors as the ‘sea hag’ has been charged with the first-degree murder of Martin Mazur, who allegedly refused to give her a can of beer.

62-year-old, Carolyn Dukeshire, allegedly shot 64-year-old Mazur five times on Sunday evening.  The victim later died at a local Marathon, Florida hospital. 

The Miami Herald is reporting that Dukeshire went to the victm’s back year and asked for a cold beer, and when Mazur replied “I have absolutely nothing for you,”  he was shot.  Mazur was shot twice in the back when he attempted to flee.

Neighbors are reporting that Mazur and Dukeshire had some sort of falling out years ago for unconfirmed reasons. 

Numerous reports are speculating that the ‘sea hag’ title came as a result of Dukeshire’s leathery, reptilian skin that is likely the result of excessive sun exposure.  Dukeshire had lived in the Florida Keys area for over 16-years.