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Latino Daily News

Sunday February 5, 2012

Score a Goal for John Paul in MX - National Collection Drive is Launched in the U.S. for Rosaries

Score a Goal for John Paul in MX - National Collection Drive is Launched in the U.S. for Rosaries

Photo: Blessed John Paul

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Victor John Mooney, executive director of Queens, New York based – South African Arts International,  hopes that 100,000 pilgrims will kick an official 2010 World Cup Match Ball into a goal on a portable soccer field. “With each goal, our plan is to give pilgrims a rosary and a refreshing cup of coca-cola”, said Mooney.

The score a goal for The Blessed John Paul campaign will run twenty-four hours from March 21 to March 25 outside Bicentennial Park in Guanajuato, Mexico. Church officials throughout Mexico, Governor of Guanajuato, Mayor of Leon and Silao, Federation Mexicana Futbol Association, Premier Division, Secondary Division players and representatives of governing bodies for futbol in Latin America and the Caribbean have been asked to score a goal.

During the beatification process for Pope John Paul II last year, it was widely reported worldwide of Mr. Mooney’s intercession to the Holy Father. Mr. Mooney was shipwrecked for fourteen days in the Atlantic Ocean on a life raft without food. He was making his third attempt to cross the Atlantic Ocean to encourage abstinence, AIDS prevention and education in an effort to curb this epidemic. The Holy Father blessed him for this mission at the Vatican.

At the 2012 AIDS Conference in Washington, DC this July, South African Arts International will mount an exhibition on this campaign in Mexico. On World AIDS Day, Mr. Mooney will begin his fourth attempt to cross the Atlantic Ocean by row boat from the Canary Islands to New York City.

“We hope this mission will energize many to be stronger in their evangelization, something that Pope Benedict continues to encourage us all”, Mooney added. Mooney arrives in Guanajuato on March 19 via Aeromexico.