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Latino Daily News

Monday September 17, 2012

Scientist Uses Microscope to Photograph Drinks Like the Piña Colada and Tequila (PHOTOS)

Scientist Uses Microscope to Photograph Drinks Like the Piña Colada and Tequila (PHOTOS)

Photo: Scientist Creates Art Using Microscope to Photograph Your Favorite Cocktails

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Ever wonder what your liquor of choice looks like under a microscope? Yeah, we didn’t either. However, these shots have made us rethink our lack of interest and now have us wondering what everything looks like under a microscope lens.

The photographs were taken by scientist Michael Davidson with a Standard Light Microscope. The images are made by crystallizing the cocktails and putting them on a slide.

The website for BevShots, which sells these amazing images:

In 1992, … Davidson stumbled upon a genius idea right under his nose - literally. In his 25 year career through the many facets of microscopy, he had taken photographs under the microscope of a collection of items - DNA, biochemicals and vitamins.

Looking for novel ways to fund his Florida State University lab, Davidson decided to take his microphotographs to businesses for possible commercial opportunities.  While presenting his pictures to established retail companies, one necktie manufacturer changed his creative direction with just one word – cocktails.

BevShots was created after the successful creation and sale of drink-donned neckties between 1995 and 2002.

Check out our favorites — the Piña Colada, Tequila and the Margarita – below. Also, be sure to see more here.