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Latino Daily News

Thursday July 8, 2010

School Children to Receive Special Training

School Children to Receive Special Training

Photo: By Maxine Park, Guerrero Public Safety Department

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As school ends Friday in most of Mexico, many administrators are trying to prepare for new states requirements that teachers be trained in “shootout drills”.  Training will include immediately taking all children inside, locking classroom doors and keeping children away from all windows. In additional children are to be taught to never take pictures or videos of the shootout.
“The first thing the kids want to do is take pictures to post on their social networks,” says Erika Arciniega, director of crime prevention for the Guerrero state police. “We don’t want them to become targets.”
As drug related violence continues to escalate in Mexico, urban gunfights between drug gangs threaten children’s safety. Since October at least nine gunfights have broken out in school zones, three have been in the last month.  On June 15 only 60 feet from a preschool in Taxco, soldiers and gunman battled for an hour.


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