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Latino Daily News

Monday August 30, 2010

Scary News: Macarena Makes Resurgence (VIDEO)

Fifteen years ago a Spanish dance song called the Macarena become popular in the U.S. when an English version was created.  Macarena was originally recorded in 1992 as a rumba in Latin America then came to Puerto Rico where mostly Hispanic audiences were wowed. 

Then the Bayside Boys produced an English version that took the country by storm.  The song spent 14 weeks at number one on Billboard and was heard at the Democratic convention, World Series games and on radio waves everywhere. There are 14 different versions of the song available on iTunes.

The song has the dubious distinction of being the β€œ#1 Greatest One-Hit Wonder of all Time.”  Luckily for true Latin American music aficionados the song went away a decade ago and now IT’S BACK – thanks to another lowbrow American pop culture phenomena, the Snuggie.  Clearly, the Spanish duo Los del Rio who owns the rights to the song, is dancing all the way to the bank.

Therefore if you are bored and want to make a real statement of crassness take your Snuggie out and dance to the Snugarena, the official new song of Snuggie. 

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