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Latino Daily News

Sunday September 12, 2010

SB 1070 Invokes Hispanic Pride

Although many of the anti-immigrant aspects of SB1070 have been put on hold, the pressure put on immigrants throughout the US has awakened a sense of Hispanic Pride. The new law has caused many to become more organized, to be more aware of the need to protect their rights.

“We Hispanics are going through a difficult time, victims of a divisive campaign that is frankly racist,” Arizona Congressman Raul Grijalva told Efe.

Convinced that Latinos will “weather the storm,” Grijalva said that out of this very complicated period will emerge a Hispanic community far more influential and united.

With the beginning of Hispanic Heritage month (Sept 15-Oct 15), many look at the enactment of SB 1070 as an awakening. A time to appreciate in America it doesn’t matter where you came from, that being American does not mean you must pick one culture at the sake of the other.  Everyone has a right to keep their culture even as they integrate in to the American one.

“The approval of SB1070 has made our community cling even tighter to our culture and defend the rights we have under the Constitution,” Tucson Deputy Mayor Regina Romero told Efe.
“It has helped us acknowledge the deep roots that we Hispanics have in this country,” Romero said.

Hispanic Heritage Month will be a special time this year by encouraging Latino families to celebrate both belonging to a double culture and being bilingual.

“My family has always celebrated our Mexican culture, the mixture of traditions and languages and adapting to life in the United States, and now we’ll do it with even greater intensity,” Romero said.