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Latino Daily News

Wednesday May 7, 2014

Sao Paulo Rewards Citizens for Giving Police Crime Tips

Sao Paulo Rewards Citizens for Giving Police Crime Tips

Photo: Brazilian Police

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The government of Brazil’s most populous state will offer up to 50,000 reais ($22,200) to people who offer useful information that helps police solve crimes and locate criminals.

The reward program was announced Tuesday by Sao Paulo Gov. Geraldo Alckmin, just 37 days before the start of the 2014 soccer World Cup, matches of which will be hosted by Sao Paulo city and 11 other Brazilian metro areas.

“The reward can be for shedding light on an as-yet-unsolved crime or for the capture of a criminal whose crime has already been cleared up but who has not yet been arrested,” Alckmin said.

The program, unprecedented in Brazil, will not reveal the identities of people who provide information to authorities, even when the rewards are paid.

After tipping off the authorities, the tipster will receive a password and ID number with which they can review anonymously the use the police are making of the information they provided and know at the same time whether or not they will receive a reward, the governor said.

Sao Paulo will host six World Cup matches, including the very first match of the tourney on June 12 between Brazil and Croatia.


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