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Latino Daily News

Thursday June 16, 2011

Sanctioned ‘Red Light Districts’ Maybe Coming to Dominican Republic

Sanctioned ‘Red Light Districts’ Maybe Coming to Dominican Republic

Photo: Legal Prostitution in Dominican Republic

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Certain areas of cities and tourism destinations could be earmarked as vice-friendly zones in the future in the Dominican Republic. Under the plan, sex for sale would be restricted to these areas. A bill sent to the Chamber of Deputies seeks to create “tolerance zones” to restrict the presence of prostitutes near cultural and historic areas, as reported in Diario Libre. Prostitutes would be required to carry a health clearance card from the Ministry of Public Health.

The bill was drafted by PRD deputy Esther Mirelys Minyeti.

Her bill establishes that the government should build lodgings for these women and guarantee their personal and health security. The penalty for working outside of the tolerance areas would be a maximum of two minimum wages.

This is the first time tolerance zones are being considered in the country. Decades ago prostitutes used to operate from brothels, but sex workers now offer their services openly on city streets throughout the Dominican Republic.