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Latino Daily News

Sunday December 5, 2010

San Miguel del Allende and Chicago Selected as Top Cities for Art Lovers

After playing second fiddle to New York’s vibrant art scene for year’s Chicago is getting its due as a place to come and enjoys the arts.  Sherman’s Travel who provides expert travel advice and MSNBC travel have put Chicago on its list of ‘Top 10 Cities for Art Lovers’ and ranked it #2 ahead of New York. 

Chicago got its due thanks in great part to its impressionist collection at the Art Institute and the newly designed Renzo Piano modern wing.  The city’s diverse art museum also got a nod, like the National Museum of Mexican Art. 

Also on the list as the best place to ‘create art itself’ was Mexico’s San Miguel de Allende.  The colonial city out side of the capital city was noted by New York magazine as “the closest thing Mexico has to Florence.”  The towns stellar Instituto Allende was just one of the notable art schools mentioned.

The Top Cities for Art Lovers are as follows:  1)  Berlin 2) Chicago 3) Florence 4) London 5) New York City 6) Paris 7) Rome   8) San Miguel de Allende 9) Vienna and 10) Washington, D.C.