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Thursday March 22, 2012

San Diego Rapper ‘Crhymes’ Thinks his Crew Filmed a UFO During a Video Shoot (VIDEO)

San Diego Rapper ‘Crhymes’ Thinks his Crew Filmed a UFO During a Video Shoot (VIDEO)

Photo: Did rapper Cesar "Crhymes" Tellez spot a UFO?

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Aspiring San Diego rapper Cesar Tellez – aka Crhymes – believes he may spotted a UFO while filming the video for his song “Everyday”. Which he filmed at a flea market in San Diego.

On his YouTube page he writes, “I was going threw about some footage for my next music video “Everyday” ft. Black Mikey & Young Gee .. And I noticed something strange in the skies of South East San Diego… Is it a UFO?? Leave Comment Below & let me know what you think it is or might be ???”

At first we didn’t see anything, as we were distracted by the multi-colored Ché on his shirt, but when we looked again, a peculiar flash of light can be seen in the background.

Miguel Saucedo, a San Diego-based video editor who researches UFOs told the Huffington Post that he believes the spot was caused by a reflection of a plane, but said Tellez wasn’t using the “sighting” as a means of promoting his music.

‘I absolutely believe he is sincere,’ Saucedo said.

Still, Tellez does not believe the flash of light is a reflection, telling HuffPo’s Weird News, ‘The orb is giving off the light. It’s not a glare or reflection. I know what that would look like.’

So what do you think? Is it a UFO or just glare/reflection?