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Latino Daily News

Tuesday July 23, 2013

San Diego Hosts “Proyecto 5” - An Exhibition of Contemporary Mexican Art

San Diego Hosts “Proyecto 5” - An Exhibition of Contemporary Mexican Art

Photo: San Diego's Centro Cultural de La Raza

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San Diego’s Centro Cultural de La Raza is hosting “Proyecto 5,” an exhibition of contemporary Mexican art featuring the works of such artists as Arturo Aicos, Otilia Carrillo and Julie Sasson.

The theme of the traveling exhibition, which is headed for the Latino Art Museum in Pomona, California, next, is “overcoming borders,” gallery director Marisol De las Casas told Efe.

“Adriana Focke, organizer of Mexico City’s 23 Grados Global Art gallery, made a call for works from contemporary artists in that country who are exploring this theme visually. From that call for works, the participating works were selected,” De las Casas said.

The exhibition’s 22 works, including photographs and sculptures, run the gamut from abstract to figurative, exploring cultural frontiers and formal boundaries that are in transit.

“We were founded 42 years ago and are managed totally by volunteers, always presenting works under the policy of free admission to allow the public that normally does not go to museums, and students of all grades and universities, to have access to art,” De las Casas said.