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Latino Daily News

Thursday February 10, 2011

San Antonio Beauty Queen Fights to Keep Her Crown

San Antonio Beauty Queen Fights to Keep Her Crown

Photo: Miss San Antonio Domonique Ramirez

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A young beauty queen is fighting to keep her crown after being told to “get off the tacos” by pageant organizers.

Domonique Ramirez, 17, currently holds the Miss San Antonio title, but has sued the pageant organizers for trying to take away that title. The pageant officials claim she gained excessive weight, was in subordinate, and failed to show up on time to a number of official events.

The pageant board had already begun the process of installing first runner-up Ashley Dixon, when Ramirez won a temporary court order postponing the case until later this month.

Bexar County pageant board spokesperson Linda Woods told ABCNews, “As a Miss San Antonio reigning queen, she has to live up to our rules and regulations and the standards of our contract.” Adding, “She was doing a photo shoot and asked to wear her wardrobe from the competition, but it did not fit her. I told her we need to get you on an exercise program. We need to get ready to compete for Miss Texas, just like any elite athlete.”

Ramirez argues that she is 5’8, weighs 129 pounds, and wears a size two, and that she has completed all of her duties since being crowned this past April.

“I have shown up to every single event they have scheduled for me during my reign. I have been five ten minutes late to some, but only because I didn’t have a chaperone, which they did promise me.”

Woods has tried to downplay Ramirez’s weight as the reason for the possible stripping of her title, but during a local radio interview she told the station weight loss would be in her best interest.

“I said, you know, ‘Get off the tacos, get off the chips and the soda.’ Because she’s 17, and that’s what these kids eat.”

The case will resume on February 16th, and Ramirez said she hopes to be able to compete in the Miss Texas competition in July.