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Latino Daily News

Friday June 18, 2010

Salvadorian Immigrant Reaches Tragic Fate

Jose Armando Ramos, 45, was found hung in his apartment in South Chicago two weeks ago. An illegal immigrant, Ramos came to the Unites States 9 years ago to support his wife and five kids back in Salvador. His hard work at factories and car washes permitted the family to send their eldest daughter to study accounting in college.

A few months ago Ramos fell sick, he suffered from constant headaches and tingling in his arms. He spent a week in the hospital, the illness prohibited him from going to work regularly. This was a devastating blow for Ramos, who couldn’t send money back to Salvador, and was suddenly inundated with medical debt. The authorities are considering his death a suicide, a final ruling will come after the toxicology tests.

The Salvadorian government solicited a few donations to transport Ramos back to his homeland and friends are raising the final amount to transport him from the airport to his hometown.


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