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Latino Daily News

Tuesday May 10, 2011

Salma Hayek Releases “Nuance” Beauty Line

Salma Hayek Releases “Nuance” Beauty Line

Photo: Salma Hayek and Her New 'Nuisance' Beauty Line.

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Salma Hayek has released “Nuance” a beauty line.  The Mexican star’s impressive beauty collection includes shampoo, body wash and brow liner and is due to hit your local CVS shelves sometime in August.

“My grandmother was so important to me. She was my inspiration. She lived in Mexico at a time when being a woman was so hard. She didn’t go to college, but she was an avid reader. She was so smart, and life did not do her genius justice. I was her hope. And through this line I can do justice to her,” said the star in a teary eyed speech during the launch of her new beauty line.

The project is a six year labor of love for the actress, who met with the team of chemists in charge of mixing the formulas and showed them her grandmother’s recipes. “I’m sure the chemists thought, ‘where did she find this stuff? And why is this crazy Mexican actress coming into our lab?’ But I have the illusion of being a chemist! They listened and supported me all the way.”

Hayek brought them ingredients that the star herself purchased in Mexican markets and even a vial of the homemade shampoo she kept, her grandmother’s recipe.

“Every woman has the right to preserve her beauty.” Hayek opined. “I wish I could be in each woman’s house to make sure she uses each product correctly, but I guess I have to succumb to my own limitations.”