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Tuesday March 27, 2012

Salesman Fends off Robbers With Tequila Bottle

Salesman Fends off Robbers With Tequila Bottle

Photo: Salesman Fends off Robbers With Tequila Bottle

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If a group of young would-be robbers attacked a 71-year-old liquor salesman, many would fear the worst for the victim, but with the help of one of his products, that victim came out the victor.

In the South Side Chicago neighborhood of Englewood, salesman Willie Whitehead was leaving a sales call at a liquor store when a group of teens surrounded him and attempted to take his briefcase. Not willing to simply give in, the man pulled out a sample tequila bottle and stood in defensive position. With tequila-filled weapon in his hand, the salesman was able to get into his vehicle and call 911.

With their plan thwarted, the robbers fled on foot, but were still caught by police. Two were captured close to the scene of the crime, while the other three were apprehended after police officers gave chase on foot.

Only two names were released, Jesse Jackson, 18, and Demetrius Shields, 17. The others, which included an 11-year-old, were charged as juveniles and their names were not released.

Jackson and Shields were charged with felony attempted robbery of a senior, while the younger hooligans were charged with attempted robbery of a senior.

Aside from a torn suit, Whitehead made it through the incident overall unharmed. Asked how he felt when he was surrounded, Whitehead told the Chicago Tribune he “wasn’t really scared, because they were young,” but added that he was mostly just “pissed off” by the attack.

Salud, SeƱor Whitehead. Salud.