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Tuesday November 20, 2012

Ryan Reynolds Given GQ Mexico’s International Actor of the Year Award

Ryan Reynolds Given GQ Mexico’s International Actor of the Year Award

Photo: Ryan Reynolds Given GQ Mexico's International Actor of the Year Award

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Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds was in Mexico City recently for GQ Mexico‘s “GQ Men of the Year” awards ceremony and party.

The recently married man was honored as the magazine’s International Actor of the Year.

The Hollywood heartthrob has a number of films under his belt and plenty more slated for released in 2013.

Two of the 36-year-old’s upcoming films are animated features: Turbo and The Croods.

Regarding working on animated films, Reynolds told IB Times:

…There is no real ceiling. There is no such thing as over the top. You go as big as you possibly can, and it makes those small moments kind of sing more. I love that. It was a real exercise. It felt a lot like when I was a kid starting out, in improv comedy classes and just the sky was the limit in terms of your imagination, and that’s what animation really is. Your filmed while your recording though, so their using your facial expressions and your body movements. It was such a unique opportunity and I was so grateful to Jeffrey Katzenberg for giving me not one, but two of his animated films.

Katzenberg, the CEO of DreamWorks Animation, is the producer behind hits like Shrek, How to Train Your Dragon, Kung Fu Panda, and The Prince of Egypt.