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Latino Daily News

Sunday August 8, 2010

Russian Spy wants to Return to Peru

Mikhail Vasenkov, aka Juan Lazaro has communicated through his attorney that he “wants to be where his wife is going,” and that is Peru.

Lazaro’s wife is Vicky Pelaez a former columnist for the Spanish Language New York City newspaper El Dario/La Prensa. Pelaez was born in Peru, met Lazaro there and moved to the US together in the late 1980’s.

Despite being sent back to his homeland, Lazaro prefers to live under his alias identity that he has used for 34 years.

The couples 17 year old son is living in New York where it would be easier for him to visit his parent in Peru.

In the largest spy swap since the cold war, Lazaro, Pelaez and 8 others were accused of being Russian spies and deported in exchange for 4 people convicted of spying in Russia.