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Latino Daily News

Thursday December 1, 2011

Russia to Build AK-47 Projectile Factory in Cuba

Russia to Build AK-47 Projectile Factory in Cuba

Photo: Russia to Produce Bullets in Cuba

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Russia plans to build a factory in Cuba to make ammunition for AK-47 assault rifles, Federal Agency for Military and Technical Cooperation director Konstantin Biriulin said Thursday.

“The components were taken to Cuba a few years ago. Now, it is just a matter of taking them out of the crates and getting production underway,” Biriulin said.

The Russian official, however, did not say when the plant would be finished or what its production would be.

Cuba expressed interest in the past in asking Russia for the technology to produce ammunition, the Russian daily Kommersant said.

Havana wants to be able to produce 7.62 mm ammunition, Kommersant reported, citing sources.