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Latino Daily News

Sunday October 17, 2010

Russia and Venezuela Becoming Best Amigos

Venezuela continues to strengthen its ties to Russia with plans for Russia to build Venezuela’s first nuclear power plant including a research reactor while taking delivery of some 35 military tanks from Russia.  Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and Russian Prime Minister Vladmir Putin met to finalize accords made earlier in the year and to extend the country’s friendship.

The two nations are working to develop nuclear power in Venezuela and in turn Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has agreed to give Russia access to its oil fields and agreed to continue buying Russian weapons.  Thus far Venezuela has spent $4.4 billion on Russian made weaponry.

Soon after Venezuela announced its extended ‘friendship’ with Russia it also announced its intentions to provide oil for Belarus, the former Soviet republic.  Chavez proudly stated “[Belarus] would feel no shortages of oil in the next 200 years.”