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Latino Daily News

Wednesday January 2, 2013

Rumors Swirls: Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez Taken Turn for the Worse

Rumors Swirls: Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez Taken Turn for the Worse

Photo: Hugo Chavez Ailing Health

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Venezuela’s Vice President Nicolas Maduro insists that ailing President Hugo Chavez though in a “delicate” condition is lucid and conscious.  Maduro, who is Chavez appointed successor while he recuperates in Cuba, returned home today after visiting Chavez.

In spite of these reassurances rumors continue to swirl that Chavez has taken a turn for the worse after a December 11, 2012 operation to alleviate symptoms of his fight with recurring cancer.  Some unofficial reports say Chavez is in a coma others say he is battling a respiratory infection from the surgery. 

The left-leaning leader has been battling some form of cancer since the summer of 2011.  He has often traveled to Cuba for surgery, follow-up treatments and check-ups.  This last return to Cuba is considered a setback to his recovery and believed to signal that his cancer is not in remission. 

An official statement of the type of cancer the 58-year-old President has never provided nor the condition of his overall health.  Chavez is due to be inaugurated for a second term on January 10, 2013. 

The December surgery was Chavez’ fourth cancer surgery in 18 months.